What equipment do you need for boxing?

I'm sure you've heard the phrase before "You don't play boxing", this is why if you are considering getting into boxing you need to get the right equipment. Specially because you are dealing with punches, and you don't want to injure yourself. Here I will tell you what equipment you should get based on my years of training in Tijuana, Mexico with professional boxers. 

1- Handwraps 

Most professional boxers you will see them using Le Roy Mexican Handwraps. You can find them on Amazon for like $1 a piece. 

2- Boxing Gloves Sparring / Heavy Bag / Mitts

When I've started doing boxing, each passing month I noticed I was punching better and harder and at the same time I started to feel pain on my hands and wrists. This made me be very careful about choosing my boxing gloves because I wanted protect my hands. First purchase I made was a pair of  Cleto Reyes, they are a big known Mexican Boxing Gloves brand used by many legends and I mean they are good quality leather gloves can't deny that but it happens that I have big hands so I needed something more comfortable and bigger. Tried Rival Boxing Gloves and did no have that leather feeling since they are synthetic. The gloves most professionals use are Winning Boxing Gloves because they are comfortable and good for guys that have big hands like me, the only problem was that I could never find inventory and you need to expect to pay a good chunk of money for a pair. Here at Boxing is Passion we manufacture leather sparring gloves, with comfort on the inside at great price. How can these gloves be so affordable compared to other big brands? Simple, we don't work with "middlemen". You get the gloves directly from the manufacturer. 

3- Boxing Clothing - Apparel 

If you go to a boxing club and look around you, you will notice many professional boxers using jackets or even hoodies for training. I've found it this is great when working on the mitts or heavybag since it will make you sweat more without risking getting dehydrated as compared to using a sauna jacket. Check for quality boxing clothing here. 

4- Head Gear 

If you are doing boxing, consider doing sparring even if you tell me that you are into the sport just for cardio. Light or heavy sparring, you need a quality head gear to protect your head. 

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