"I Must Face the Best": Mercado

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World Super Bantamweight Champion WBC, Yamileth Mercado, is gearing up for her seventh title defense in Tijuana.

Yamileth Mercado (22-3; 5 KOs) sets no limits for herself. The WBC World Super Bantamweight Champion is aiming for her seventh belt defense, and her thirst for success drives her to continually break new ground.

"As a champion, I have the duty to compete against the best opponents," stated the fighter from Chihuahua.

On Saturday, April 27th, she will square off against Peruvian boxer Linda Laura Lecca (16-7-2; 3 KOs), who was crowned the Super Flyweight World Champion by the World Boxing Association (WBA) in 2017. The bout will take place at the Nuevo Toreo de Tijuana.

"We've trained extremely hard to return to our country with a victory. Now, all that's left is to step into the ring and prove it," said the Inca warrior. "She’s a great champion (Mercado). But we've also put in solid work: sparring, altitude training, to come fully prepared for the fight."

Mercado sees in her adversary a desire to excel, a drive that once propelled the Mexican to claim her first title.

"I admire her bravery in coming to a foreign country, eagerly seeking the chance to become champion. I've been in her shoes and know the motivation that comes from facing everything against you in another country, striving to become the world champion," she commented.

Among the goals Yamileth Mercado wishes to achieve in her career is to unify her championship and become the queen of the Super Bantamweight division.

"I will seek unification to become the first Mexican woman to be a unified world champion across multiple organizations. It would be a historic night," she concluded.

Boxing is Passion™ is proud to be part of the sponsors for her fight.

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