Sponsor a Boxer

There are a few steps you can take to sponsor a boxer:

Research potential boxers

Start by doing some research to identify boxers who align with your brand or business. Consider their level of fame, their style of boxing, and their potential to reach a wide audience.

Contact their promoter

Once you have identified a potential boxer to sponsor, reach out to their management team to express your interest in sponsoring them. This could be their personal management team or a larger sports management agency.

Work with us

If you don't have the time to research or contact one by one, we can help your brand connect with a professional boxer. We work with hundreds of professional boxers with Professional fights in Mexico and the United States. Just send us a message using the contact form here

Negotiate terms 

Once you have made contact, work with the boxer's management team to negotiate the terms of the sponsorship. This might include the length of the sponsorship, the type of support you will provide (such as financial or in-kind support), and any other terms or conditions.

Sign a sponsorship agreement

Once you have agreed on the terms of the sponsorship, it is important to put the agreement in writing. This will help to protect both parties and ensure that everyone is clear on their obligations.

Promote the sponsorship

Once the sponsorship is in place, be sure to promote it to your audience. This might include mentioning the sponsorship in your marketing materials, featuring the boxer in social media posts, or creating content around the sponsorship.

Overall, sponsoring a boxer can be a great way to get your brand in front of a wide audience and build brand awareness. Just be sure to do your research, negotiate fair terms, and promote the sponsorship effectively. 

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